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CPU-KUMA partnership to deliver Korean Language Program in the Philippines

By Kay Gallo

Central Philippine University, through its partnership with Korea University of Media Arts (KUMA), was chosen by the King Sejong Institute, a foundation funded by the South Korean government, to administer the delivery of the Korean Language Program in the Philippines.

CPU through the Office of International Relations and Cooperation participated in the competitive selection process which included a virtual interview with panelists from the King Sejong Institute and the submission of documents, videos, and photos showing the facilities of the university that will be used to deliver the said program.

The King Sejong Institute aims to propagate the Korean language through partnerships. To materialize this goal, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in South Korea select partner universities all over the world. For this year, KUMA has chosen to collaborate with CPU to develop a language program for Filipinos who are interested to learn the Korean language either for cultural appreciation or employment opportunities in South Korea. The program is set to last for three years once the test operation from July 2021 until December 2021 succeeds.

Only 25 universities all over the world were selected to participate in the program. Central Philippine University is the only academic institution in the Philippines to have been designated as one of the new King Sejong Institutes for 2021.

This program will operate under the supervision of the Office of International Relations and Cooperation.